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Landover / Hyattsville, MD


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Is there anything within a few miles of Landover/Hyattsville....where 50 and 95/495 intersect that would:

- be a suitable spot for a business meal or coffee at mid morning on a weekday

- would have decent, if not great, food or joe

I need to set up a meeting there and don't know the area well.

Thank you!

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Wouldn't you be better off with a hotel restaurant, given those criteria? Plenty within a mile of that intersection.

Not sure. I need to look up what hotels are nearby. If mostly the four points/quality inn/courtyard/holiday inn types then might be too low on food quality. But maybe something better exists. Just wasn't sure about the area and initial search didn't yield much.

Ah--and to clarify. By "meeting," I just mean for two. So no special room needed. Just a spot with decent food and/or coffee quiet/calm enough for a professional convo.

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