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"My Drunk Kitchen"


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If they put this on TV, I would watch The Food Channel for the first time ever.

She seems to be recording through/against a mirror. The package labels are backwards. (I also looked at the second one. There may be more but I only saw the one obviously linked one.) They're funny, but she may regret these later (even if she's just pretending to be drunk.)

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Are you kidding? By this time next year, she'll probably be a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

It was funny, and she reminded me of someone I knew back in the early 90s. I'm not sure if the mirroring means she has professional aspirations and didn't account for that. (Or maybe that's part of the joke and it was meant to be backwards.) If it doesn't take her where she wants to go (wherever that is), though, it could really backfire.

After I posted yesterday, I realized there were at least a couple of more episodes I hadn't seen.

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So, if you haven't kept up with it, Hannah Hart has kept doing the shows. At some point she decided to quit her day job and move to LA to pursue the show, and other activities, full-time. To help pay for that move, she started an indiegogo.com fundraiser where each donation would be a) tracked by zip code for a road trip and B) people could vote on cities for her to visit and do episodes in.

She started it two days ago, asking for $50,000.

Currently it's over $125K, and goes until 2/2.


Last I saw she was trying to work in visits to places overseas, and possibly donating to charity...

(I haven't donated yet, but plan to, because I'd love the chance to win the drawing for her to use my kitchen. Or perhaps one of my friend's kitchens...)

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