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Help Us Open A Cafe on Capitol Hill


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The Hill Center is looking for operators, concepts or ideas for a family-friendly cafe serving beer and wine, but no alcohol, that could operate as a neighborhood gathering place at the carriage house on the site of the rehabilitated Naval Hospital, which will serve as a community and cultural center with special events lasting into the evening. It could also have a catering component. I know it's hard to say without knowing specific details (you can contact center and it's executive director here http://www.hillcenterdc.org/index.php if you're interested in gaining more information) but I'm curious if anyone has any initial thoughts, ideas, or interest.

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Have you reached out to the neighborhood to get their opinion? CHAMPS or local email lists/list serves?

There are so many choices on 8th now it's almost overwhelming. Almost. But if you talk to your local neighbors they will tell you what they feel is missing. Emphasis on the neighbors would be a nice change from other local places.

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