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Gluten-Free Lunch in Hyattsville


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There seems to be a slew of restaurants near the movie theater although Google maps is lacking in this area. Three finds:

Hank's Tavern & Eats, 6507 America Boulevard: Several g-f choices but the wait staff wasn't all that attentive to the dietary restrictions. He ordered chicken Caesar w/o croutons; I ordered Caesar w/o protein. His order came with croutons and protein, mine w/o croutons. As we're trying to deconstruct the salad, the wait staff did offer to take his away and bring the correct salad. There was a good 10 minute wait for the g-f salad. Decent salad though.

Wild Onion, 6504 America Blvd: Discovered this after we had eaten at Hank's but the catering menu looks interesting.

Carolina Kitchen, 6501 America Blvd: Offers several g-f options on their buffet as well as on the menu.

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From what I've read on another thread, Olive Garden's GF pasta comes pre-cooked and packaged with a red sauce. This is done to prevent cross-contamination. I would be very wary of the rest of the offerings there, as the risk of cross-contamination could be quite high. And simply removing croutons from a Cesar salad is not safe for the truly gluten-intolerant or celiac individuals.

Any given restaurant can have a "gluten-free" menu, but if the servers and the kitchen staff aren't trained to avoid errors and contamination, it does no good. Separate preparation surfaces, changing gloves before preparing GF food, are two very necessary precautions. French fries that are cooked in the same oil as flour-coated or batter-coated items such as onion rings are not GF. Even if the oil is freshly changed, the risk of cross-contamination from previous use of the fryer is a high risk.

That being said, I hope you had a lovely and healthy lunch.

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