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Baltimore Dining Guide - FAQ

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Donrockwell.com is currently looking for a savvy restaurant and food lover who knows the Baltimore and Annapolis areas, can write and is kind and able to volunteer some time (donrockwell.com is free of charge) to help manage our Baltimore board? If interested, please email me at: donrockwell-at-dcdining-com.

Users will find a ton of great content and information on these Baltimore/Maryland boards, BUT unlike the Washington DC board, Maryland isn't (yet) actively managed. All that means is the the "Dining Guide" (basically an index) isn't complete or especially current. Many great restaurants have threads on the board but aren't (yet) in the Dining Guide. However, you can find any named restaurant here simply with a google search by using "restaurant name donrockwell" as a search term. Or just click on one of the below Baltimore boards and browse the various threads that appear. Enjoy and thank you!

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