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Wholesale/Commercial Bakeries

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Where does your favorite burger joint get its rolls? Where I now live (Denver) I'd say City Bakery reigns supreme, by general consensus. Their brioche burger rolls at $4.50 a dozen, to the trade, can not be matched around here, for highest quality at value pricing, IMO. We named them in our menu descriptions: "...All sandwiches served on City Bakery brioche rolls".

Curious as to who is the DC-MD-VA equivalent...

So...If you were starting a BBQ truck in NOVA, whom would you see about sandwich rolls? Google turns up a Cardinal Bakery in Sterling and Uptown Bakers in Hyattsville as likely places to start tasting... does Firehook sell wholesale to the trade? I can't figure it out from their website which seems geared towards retail sales, but they seem to have a large bakery facility in Chantilly...

(I obviously know I need to do the legwork but am hoping a few names will pop up via the sort of collective knowledge/wisdom for which this board is so remarkable, that will expedite the process for me or at least keep me from barking up too many wrong trees)

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Arrowine sells great bread from Lyon Bakery, which supplies a number of local restaurants. Not sure of their location--somewhere in NOVA.

Thanks for the great tip, Zora. Google tells me they are actually at 145 S St SW--just outside the walls of Ft McNair. Mostly supply to restaurants/gourmet shops but some intrepid yelpsters have tracked them down to the Union Station Farmer's Market.

(and thanks everybody else who replied)

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