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Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout

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{Can some of you brew experts tell me if this beer needs its own thread? We have a "Founder's Breakfast Stout" thread already, that discusses the "regular" (or whatever) and the KY variant. I could merge this and make it clear that thread covers all, or I can index this accordingly. Just not sure what's more appropriate for this, as I'm not really in the beer-knowledge loop!}

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I managed to score one bottle by being on a waiting list since LAST JUNE. A few people I know were lucky enough to either find out when it was being released at Whole Foods and Total Wines in the area or just randomly walk in at the right time, but it invariably sold out in less than 20 minutes.

For what it's worth, I had it on tap today for lunch (rough life, I know) at Pizzeria Paradiso Dupont and while it is in no way a beer I would refuse, I still think I would prefer the straight up KBS over it - just not convinced the maple adds much to it.

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