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Coconut Cake


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We're going to dinner for my birthday next week, and I would love to get a slice of coconut cake, or something coconutty, for dessert. The Majestic's menu isn't thrilling me, and I'm not sure who else has this. A couple places have a whole coconut cake for special order (Willow), but I really don't want that much left over for noshing on during the week. NoVa definitely preferred to DC (MD is out).

Any ideas happily accepted! Thanks very much.

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I've gotten a slice or two of coconut cake to go many times. Just order at the bar. I'm 98% positive that you can just have a slice of cake at the bar if you don't want to eat the rest of your meal there, so that might be an option?

Hope you find something, as I love coconut cake (and coconut anything) myself. And happy birthday!

ETA: At The Majestic, of course. Should have made that clearer...

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