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New Carrollton Cafe, Kiosk in the New Carrollton Amtrak Station

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I just had a better meal than I had any right to have. An hour ago, I was sitting on the inner loop in stop-and-go traffic; fast-forward to 3:05 PM ... having just parked, bought a ticket, and finding a free second to think about eating, there's the boarding call, as I'm standing in line to buy a banana.

This has been my go-to blueberry muffin kiosk for longer than I can remember, but in this dire situation, I saw that they had - sitting atop a compost heap of junk food - very credible looking Jamaican Vegetable Patties ($2.50). I ate one as I was towing my suitcase down to the track, and it was pretty decent - an otherwise-standard version, brought to life by an invisible dobbing of Matouk's hot sauce, I wonder if these might be purchased from that Jamaican wholesaler down on New Hampshire Avenue near Piney Branch Road.

Just the right amount of food to tide me over until tonight, as I now sit happily working away in the quiet car, with the only noise around me the wheels on the track, and the rush of WiFi through the air. #win

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