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Pho Factory, Little River Turnpike in Landmark - In the old Pho Tom Yum Space

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Beautiful new arrival on the NoVa pho scene in the former Pho Tom Yum space near Landmark in same very unassuming plaza as Tempt-Asian. Open only five weeks now, it is clean and newly renovated with a simple but well-appointed dining room and, ok this is odd to say, gorgeous bathrooms (sort've like an Ashburn mini-mansion powder room if you like that sort've thing with your Pho)! Standard Pho options at (I think) 8 bucks with an interesting a la carte (broth plus your choice of two add-ins). No vegetarian Pho option at present. Manager who served us was gracious and friendly and very proud of the space and the food. He noted in particular use of less salt in the pho broth. Maybe it was power of suggestion but sure enough after I cleaned my bowl I DID feel less thirsty than usual. Great pho in clean and well-appointed surroundings with warm and friendly service. A far cry from my separately-posted "Sticky Rice experience."

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