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Selling Wine At Auction

Joe H

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I have several bottles that I've treated as an investment for a long time (i.e. double magnum of '96 Dal Forno amarone I bought from Dal Forno and signed by him with photo, magnum of 2000 Margaux) that I would now like to sell. I know there are a number of auctions around the U. S. but is there one based here? If I use a NY auction site how do I protect the temperature of the wine in shipping it? I ask this last question because both of these bottles have been stored properly for years and I do not want to deliver "room temperature" bottles. Last, does anyone have any experience with Wine Commune?


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WineCommune is pretty awful, Joe - at least from a buyer's perspective. Nearly no attention paid to provenance, and there is an ocean of cooked wine shopped around on that site. Winebid is somewhat better, and they would likely be more interested in your bottles than one of the larger houses, who want more lots (e.g. Hart Davis Hart, Acker Merrall Condit, or Heritage). That said, I'd contact one or all of the three larger houses listed above - they will all handle shipping for you, and will ensure a smooth delivery. Acker, in particular, will give you a free appraisal.

Alternatively, you might explore a private transaction via the commerce corner forums on either wineberserkers or ebob. You'll likely be offered a lower price than auction, but won't have to deal with fees, and might find a local buyer. Just a thought.

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