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Thanh Tong is a hole in the wall next to Hai Duong. The staff speaks no English, but when I asked if they accepted credit cards, the lady understood me and motioned a card swipe. So I ordered some spring rolls and Bun Bo Hue - a noodle soup with congealed blood, pig trotter, roast beef, and fishcake with round spaghetti-like noodles. I thought the soup itself was thin and not very tasty (and not the least bit spicy). My favorite part of the dish is the fishcake. I think I've only had Bun Bo Hue a couple of other times (at Present and Saigon Cafe, I believe)) and I don't recall ever really enjoying them so don't take my impressions too seriously if you're looking for a hole in the wall to try Bun Bo Hue - which is the specialty at Thanh Tong. The menu is small, some noodles and grilled meat service with vermicelli. As it turns out, they took my credit card to Hai Duong and ran it there.

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