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Banh Cuon Saigon, Specializing in Bahn Cuon (Rolled Rice Noodles) at Eden Center

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This cash only joint specializes in banh cuon, which is a rice noodle roll similar to the noodle crepe you'd get at dim sum. Where the Chinese serves it with normal sized shrimp, ground beef, or you tiao, these came filled with tiny tiny shrimp, or ground pork. I'm not sure what the fried stuff is in the picture, and there's some sort of fish/shrimp/fake meat/who knows what cake there as well. I dipped everything in a mixture of fish sauce and hot sauce, and still wasn't all that enthused. My other attempt at banh cuon was at Saigon Cafe in the shopping center across Wilson from Eden Center and I wasn't any happier there. I also ordered a bowl of bun rieu - a crab paste with tomato noodle soup. I'm getting used to all the herbs they give you - I dump cilantro, mint, bean sprouts, basil, and whatever they give me all in the soup. I taste the soup but I don't slurp down the whole salt-laden bowl, in an attempt to keep my blood pressure from killing me. My opinion is that the bun rieu at Present is better. While the menu isn't huge, it's got a little more stuff than other holes in the wall and the young ladies working there speak English.


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