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The Theory Of Everything: Solved.


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[posted on eGullet 2003-2004]

It's over, call off the dogs and come home from the hunt: Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue is the answer to any problem you can possibly have.

Lack confidence when performing a pancreaticoduodenectomy? The glazed chicken skewer will set your nerves at rest.

Finding it a challenge unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity? Try the pulled pork mounded on a bun with cole slaw and hot sauce.

Trouble solving the halting problem? The beef brisket and sour-cream redskin potato salad will do it for you.

Feeling like Sisyphus trying to balance the boulder? Let it roll and order a full rack of baby back pork ribs.

Visualizing dark matter proving elusive? The homemade chocolate chip brownie brings it within reach of the eye.

At the intersection of Broad Street and The Boulevard in Richmond (1119 N. Boulevard), Buz and Ned's Real Barbecue is everything you need to achieve enlightenment.

Last night, Buz's brother (a good friend of mine) stopped in with a care-basket full of goodies, and I gorged like a tick on what may just be the best barbecue I've ever eaten. Is it always this good? He says it is, and he's one of my most trusted food friends. Based on what I had last night, this is worth a special trip to Richmond.



((240px-Al_Franken_Official_Senate_Portrait.jpg + 220px-George-W-Bush.jpeg) * (200px-john_edwards_official_senate_photo_portrait.jpg + gingrich-port.jpg)) = 1245601551255338.jpg + space5.png

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