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  1. Obama, a law professor who taught Constitutional law, knows how to amend the Constitution. The mechanics aren't hard to understand, you certainly don't need to be a lawyer to grasp it. If you had the political will to do it, nothing would stop you from at least trying. Instead gun opponents pretend that Congress can solve this issue without a Constitutional amendment. Why? I really have no idea. I surmise it's an easy out, demonizing people who don't agree with you rather than actually doing something about it. Take a lesson from the past. When women wanted the vote, nothing would stop them.
  2. Cajun, ordered before I read your post. Ordered 10 pounds of IQF 15-20 white Gulf shrimp, 1 pound jumbo lump, 1 pound regular lump, with overnight shipping about $150. Delayed one day because they were out of jumbo lump, so maybe it hasn't been frozen very long. Had it shipped to work, when it got here, took it home on my lunch break and put it all in the freezer. I was thinking I would have to thaw the shrimp because no way I could use 10 pounds of shrimp at once, but IQF means they are loose in the bag. After we thaw and use the crab I will comment on the texture, but since it's going
  3. What Pat said. Carolina Gold kicks Charleston Gold booty. Other exquisite Anson Mills items, Sea Island beans, oats, polenta, grits. I luurve Anson Mills products and their online recipes. It's that time of year (getting cooler) to order some lovely Anson Mills carbs. I gotta limit carbs, so when I do carb, Anson Mills it is. (Well, let's don't talk about my Dominoes gluten free pizza habit. I can stop whenever I want to, honest.)
  4. Planning on buying frozen white shrimp shipped from Louisiana, and noticed both the vendors I am considering also sell blue crab meat but it's frozen. Anybody have an opinion about frozen crab meat?
  5. My sister, who is a La Leche league member, and a labor and delivery nurse, is of the opinion that you should not give a baby anything but breast milk until the child is trying to snatch the food from your hands or plate. But she's hard core, and breast fed easily, two girls. I had a hard time breast feeding, and two big boys. I used one of the plastic mills, probably Gerber. Mine liked smooshed up peas, carrots, egg yolk, applesauce, but absolutely loved pureed beef stew with potatoes and carrots. One is over 6'2", one is over 6'4", but weight problems, probably due to mistakes I made,
  6. I adore collard greens, and think that kale is fit only for goats. In fact, I love collard greens so much, I grow them myself, after reading a book named, appropriately, Collards: A Southern Tradition from Field to Table. But I don't like the way they are cooked above the Mason Dixon line, sort of crunchy with a lot of vinegar. I like them Deep Southern Style, best recipe by Edna Lewis, see The Gift of Southern Cooking. Edna Lewis' recipe here. Buzz and Ned's, in Richmond, makes it even better than I do. But at a Slow Food potluck, I ate some mighty fine collard greens, and the cook tol
  7. My guess, and it is only a guess, is go for canned whole fava beans , or even better, frozen. The season for fresh ones is gone. Dried ones don't stay intact. Dried beans behave entirely differently than fresh. Canned or frozen are close to fresh. You need intact beans for a salad.
  8. Chapter 11 for a smallish company is a crapshoot. Might come in for a soft landing and continue, might crash and burn. Memo to self, check filings, but not right away. The real action doesn't come soon after filing. Wait until the creditors have their say, and the judge starts ruling. Group dinner to support Michael would be a lovely gesture. Pennies in the pot, realistically, but showing love for Michael is a Good Thing.
  9. I remain unclear on what the Bistro is. Made reservations at Ray's for dinner last Saturday, at 6 p.m. What I think of as the main dining room wasn't full but we were placed all the way in the back, past the bathrooms, which I thought was the Bistro?
  10. If you limit the fasting calories to fat and protein, you won't get the hangries.
  11. Hersch, exactly. All the people in California have the same number of senators as all the people of Wyoming. That's the beauty of the Great Compromise. Upon which hung the balance of the smaller states agreeing to sign the Constitution. The Electoral College is a bit more directly democratic, since the larger states have more votes there. The intention was checks and balances against direct democracy. It works. We live in a republic. The popular will does not control, except indirectly. When I look at Donald Trump, I give thanks.
  12. Second sentence not quite correct. With rights come responsibilities. Example, no shouting fire in a crowded theater. Third sentence also not quite correct. Amending the Constitution is something that can be done, but not easy and also not likely without a huge majority. As an intellectual exercise this reminds me of the anger in coastal states when the popular vote for President loses in the Electoral College. The Constitution is remarkably intricate for such a short document. Admirably so, in my mind.
  13. Interesting quote from the Dred Scott decision (African Americans can't be citizens because they would, shudder, have free speech and the right to carry guns, thus endangering society): "The legislation of the States therefore shows in a manner not to be mistaken the inferior and subject condition of that race at the time the Constitution was adopted and long afterwards, throughout the thirteen States by which that instrument was framed, and it is hardly consistent with the respect due to these States to suppose that they regarded at that time as fellow citizens and members of the sovereignt
  14. Josh, the position that nobody should have guns because some people are dangerous, and we don't know who they are? Honestly, whatever. Change the Supreme Court, change the Constitution, but otherwise, you're just venting. Which is fine. I'm outta this.
  15. There appears to be an unbridgeable gap between people who view guns as useful tools and people who cannot conceive of this. I did not want a gun, myself, until a friend of mine had someone try to break into her apartment. She called the police and her father, and her father got there first, with a gun, and the would be attacker ran off. After that, I got a gun, learned how to use it, and carried it to and from work in the Warehouse District in New Orleans, at night, and held it in my hand, pointing downward, as I went back and forth to my car. I also carried it to a confrontation betwee
  16. Bogus. NRA supports mental health record background checks, but not all people with a record of mental illness are dangerous. The following is a cut and paste from NRA website: --- "On Monday, NRA filed formal comments in opposition to a plan by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to expand the categories of persons prohibited under federal law from acquiring or possessing firearms because of having been "adjudicated as a mental defective" or "committed to a mental institution." The proposal is commonly referred to by its BATFE docket number, 51P. NRA shares
  17. Hersch, interesting question, looking at which leads me to the revelation that the harder the states (and DC) try to ban guns, the more explicit the Supremes get in saying no. Each decision more firm. Not elected, beholden to no one but their individual interpretation of the law. Bart, whatever. If you need to believe the NRA is evil and destroying America out of evilness, your prerogative. I think it'd entirely beside the point. NRA has no sway with SCOTUS. Neither the President nor Congress can get past SCOTUS, absent a constitutional amendment, or enough justices dying and ones who will v
  18. Bart - my intention was to suggest that, like it or not, moral outrage over gun violence will not stop gun violence. There are no easy fixes. In my opinion, the only fix is at the root cause. And that is CERTAINLY not an easy fix. The NRA didn't make people love their guns. People loving their guns is what makes the NRA. If you can point to a single mass killing by an NRA member, the hatred of the NRA would be more justified.
  19. Don - Which is why I said, "I think . . . ." As for what the 2nd amendment says, or means, I also think we're not getting anywhere by debating what the Founders meant, or the historical context of the amendment back in the day. I am not saying the Constitution is subject to change, but it's certainly subject to interpretation, by the Justices of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has consistently held, and I count at least 15 cases, that the right to own a handgun is fundamental right, necessary to the Nation's system of ordered liberty, and I am not paraphrasing there. You aren't star
  20. In point of fact, gun ownership in the US is regulated. For one example, there are background checks before you can buy a gun. For another example, there are places where carrying guns are prohibited, e.g., courthouses, airports. I'd like to rephrase the question. I think what you are really asking is, "what can we do to stop crazy people from killing innocent people with guns?" Um, well, there's already a prohibition against selling guns to crazy people. So that doesn't work. And there's no way to get rid of crazy people, so that doesn't work. So the real question is "how can we ta
  21. The original question was about on an iPad. Don sent me a helpful PM but I was out of town so haven't had time to try his suggestions yet. As for not reading Washingtonian, what I want to read is Kliman's blog. It's good. Edited to add, Don suggested I contact Washingtonian. Looking at their site map, don't see tech support.
  22. The Organic Butcher in McLean excites me. A few weeks ago, after we got our Excalibur dehydrator, we went there for jerky suitable meat. A very nice man, lots of facial hair and head hair, explained to me that it is best to call ahead because the meat needs to be partially frozen to properly slice thinly. He did hand slice a couple of pounds of bavette, but it was ever so uneven. Excellent jerky, though. So, today I called ahead and will pick up tomorrow. These guys love meat as I do. All organic and grass fed. Haven't asked for t├Ęte de veau because I forgot about it. So nice to know people
  23. Because I totally can't. Just get blank pages. No matter how long I wait.
  24. Hear, hear. We've almost given up on DC. Signed up for Dinner Lab and only used it once. Venue was pleasant, library on New Hampshire or something like that, food was very good, Traffic horrendous and no parking. No mas.
  25. I live in Fairfax, not Merrifield, but using EZPass it take about 10-15 minutes to travel to and from Mosaic, and its by far the most promising destination near me. I shop at Moms every week, make excursions to Red Apron and olive oil store less often. Red Apron is a disappointment compared to McLean butcher, a real full service butcher with no doubt much smaller rents. I'm not young, lots of discretionary income, it's just hard to spend in Fairfax. One of the richest places in the country, but unless you want to eat ethnic, not many nice places to eat. But my fellow well heeled Fairfax geezer
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