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Beer Pairings for Junk Food


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Saw this on Serious Eats. I can't say I've ever given it much thought, but it seems like they've made some interesting discoveries.


You might be surprised, but a bit of classic pairing advice actually applies to the junk food example. For instance, most cheese-flavored snacks are vaguely cheddar-like. Things that work with cheddar cheese, such as IPA and stout, also taste good with cheesy (or cheezy) snacks. Beers that you might normally pair with barbecue, like stout or a Belgian dubbel, will elevate your barbecue chips, too.

It's worth considering texture, too. Puffed snacks dissolve to slime in your mouth. You need a beer with hops or bubbles to clear away the goo. The same is true for Chester Fries, which leave behind a greasy film. Potato chips have a delicate crunch that doesn't want a heavy beer. Nachos and Sun Chips are coarser and can take a bit of heft.

While not great with everything, IPA proved to be the most versatile junk-food beer overall. It's a good palate cleanser and can handle lighter and coarser textures. The hoppy flavors work well with cheese, barbecue, pork, and "flamin' hot." Keep it away from Cool Ranch, though.

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