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Les Clos - The Largest Grand Cru Vineyard in Chablis


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A girlfriend and I had dinner in the small dining room up a set of stairs from the entrance at Tersiguel's. Fernand knew me tangentally as a young customer who was in the hospitality industry and appreciative of his restaurant. We ordered a bottle of Chablis from the Les Clos vineyard (producer escapes me) and Fernand stopped by the table....

In decreasing order of probability (taking into account local distribution, restaurant typicité, and you being a cheap fuck): Moreau, Bouchard, Fèvre, Boisset, Dauvissat, Raveneau ... any ring a bell?

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coulda been a half-bottle of Drouhin, now that you mention it

Drouhin doesn't own any vineyards in Les Clos (*), but they make a very good example nonetheless.


(*) Don't quote me on this until I get confirmation. Neither Remington Norman nor Clive Coates make any mention of Chablis in their Burgundy books. I put the question out to twl.


And I stand corrected: this document says that as of the 2000 vintage, they owned 1.3 hectares which is a considerable amount. It's about 3 acres of what may be the most expensive land in Chablis - granted, not as expensive as the Grand Cru soils of Puligny-Montrachet or Chassagne-Montrachet, but expensive nonetheless: I suspect most owners know exactly how many individual vines they own.

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