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Bagel Off--The Sequel! Like the Elusive LochNess Monster


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Would you like to play a role in deciding, once and for all, the DC area's Best Bagel?

If you'd be interested in participating in a 'mother of all bagel offs,' please post here or PM me.


A crack team of Porcupine (who has graciously offered to host!), RWBoone and I -- well okay, a crack team of two and I'm helping organize :D -- have set some lofty aspirations for this grandest of grand bagel offs. With your help, we aim to:

1. Continuously Improve. This bagel off will learn from and improve upon the great work done at last week's DanielK bagel off.

2. Be A Final Arbiter. In doing so, we want it to be as "definitive" as possible.

3. Use Leading-Edge Science. The most advanced best practices in blind bagel tasting methodology will be utilized; "experts" here and offline will be consulted prior

4. Go With Proven Winners. The top 5 or 6 winners from the DanielK bagel off will be included along with 3-5 others that have received strong member reccs (e.g., Goldbergs, Capitol Bagel, DGS).

5. Address the Fresh-From-Oven Conundrum Head On. With thanks to Zora for the suggestion, this bagel off will incorporate testing of bagels that are both 'as is' and warmed.

 This should help quell the controversy between those that believe bagel quality degrades quickly, or not so much, once emergent from bagel shop ovens way too early each morning.

Your Move

Maximum capacity for this event is 12 and we will keep a waiting list if interest is greater than that.

 Please post or PM with any preference between Feb 24th and March 3rd. Both are Sundays (a DanielK suggestion to allow inclusion of key kosher bagelries like Goldbergs who close on Saturdays) and would be in the morning at a time to be determined close to baking time as realistic. If you could do either date, please indicate that since that will make it easier to finalize one. Again, can either post here to indicate interest and date prefs or can PM me.

Current Attendees:

Porcupine (host)
darkstar965 (organizer)
RWBoone (classified role B) )
Current Total: 3
Spots Available: 9

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My calendar shows Feb 23 and March 2nd as Saturdays....but if it is the Sunday of the same weekend, then I think I prefer March 3rd.

Indeed! We'd originally targeted the two Saturdays but then moved to Sundays to be able to include kosher bagel shops like Goldbergs. Missed the edit at the bottom of the announcement but updated now--thanks!

One addendum, as with one or two of the other events, let's say any +1s on this should also be dr members.

Current Attendees (Updated):

Porcupine (host; either date fine)

darkstar965 (organizer; either date fine)

RWBoone (either date fine; classified role B) )

DonRocks (possible +1)

KMango + 1 (tentative; either date)

Squidsdc (possible pref for Mar 3rd)


Current Total: 5 to 8

Spots Available: 1 to 4

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OK, with a Big Flurry of DR events (e.g., korean, chinese, hi-tech coke machines, the nation's capitol and much, much more!) now behind us, time to bump this.

We have up to 4 spots remaining for this Mother of all Bagel Competitions. I actually tried Goldberg's this week for the first time but won't show any cards here since we all have to be uber impartial.

Last call to indicate a date preference. Currently lean is toward March 3rd and away from Feb 24th but that could still be swayed either way. Majority of those indicating any preference will rule and we'll finalize the date/time by late this weekend.

If you'd like to participate and/or have a date preference, please post here or PM me.

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Date for the Bagel Off, Part Deux is now set for this coming Sunday, the 24th.

And, in related news, I'll be stepping aside as organizer in favor of DanielK, who'll fill in other details including the timing on Sunday. Event will still be held at Porcupine's house with specific address to be PMed to confirmed attendees. Still room for a few (or several) more participants. Probably also a good idea for tentatives to confirm soon as able. Current attendees as follows:

Current Attendees (Updated):

Porcupine (host)

DanielK (organizer)
RWBoone (classified role B) )

DonRocks (possible +1)

KMango + 1 (tentative)

Squidsdc (tentative)

Darkstar965 (tentative)
Current Total: between 3 and 9 (depending on resolution of the tentatives--and one "possible")
Spots Available: at least 3; as many as 9 (again, depending on pending confirmations)

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Hey, we've had to indefinitely postpone this event, sorry. We lost RWBoone and Darkstar965 this week, and that didn't leave any definite attendees!

To be rescheduled when we can get around to it...

I wasn't--and as best I can tell am still--not lost (at least with respect to this event :) ) but doesn't change the outcome (cancellation) unfortunately.

In the interim between now and forever, maybe look for some new stuff on best bageldom on other threads near you soon.

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