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"What Does It Take To Become A Master Sommelier?" by Matt Stamp on Decanter.com

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"What Does It Take To Become A Master Sommelier?" by Matt Stamp in Decanter.com

The one thing that stood out to me most is this paragraph about blind tasting. I cannot agree more: blind tasting is a useful tool; not a parlour trick - unless you're Wayne Rogers on the Merv Griffin show who *blatantly* performed a pre-arranged blind tasting, obviously knowing the answer in advance.

"Seen by some as a parlour trick, blind tasting is a useful tool. Practising this skill – and it requires practice, not innate ability – sharpens your ability to communicate a wine’s character in an objective and meaningful way. Blind tasting allows you to view a wine precisely as it is, unencumbered by the noise of scores, labels, history and perceived value. After successful completion of the introductory class, those aspiring for the rank of MS must pass three progressively demanding exams: a Certified Sommelier exam, Advanced Sommelier exam and – by invitation only – the Master Sommelier exam. In all three, proficiency in blind tasting is required."

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