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Hey folks,

My boss, Shannon Kroeger is a member of the BNI Group in Reston they are looking for some people to come as guests to their meetings and check them out. The main types of people they think they could refer a lot of business to right now are: caterer, wedding planner, social media coordinator, small PR firm, electrician, plumber, kitchen and bath contractor, flooring person, commercial or domestic mover. Although there are other areas, as well.

If anyone would be interested in being a guest of hers (and sometimes I sub for her) could you please let me know and I will introduce you to her and let her talk to you about the group. The meetings are at the Reston Town Center on Thursdays at lunch time and the people are really nice. Would love to give someone on here some potential business, or if you would have someone in the Reston area to recommend please feel free to DM me or contact me or her at the below information.

Katelin Moomau

Shannon Kroeger




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Wow!!! Those are GIFTS. Strong networking groups are great sources for leads and better yet business. Years ago I was part of networking groups and and often a good source as commercial RE brokers were often at the lead of information for upcoming vendor business needs.

If I were one of those sources I'd join ASAP. sounds inviting....but you also have to be good at giving to get.

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