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Contest! Win a $170 Prize - 2 Tickets to Copper Fox's Pig Roast and Whiskey Tasting


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Okay, this is a big, huge deal.

Please Retweet My Tweet - This Is A CHARITY EVENT!

I am announcing a contest where you can win not one, but TWO tickets to the Benefit Pig Roast and Whiskey Tasting at Copper Fox Distillery on July 13th.

These tickets are $85 EACH, so the winner is going to win $170 worth of stuff. <--- That is a LOT of money!

I'm writing an article, and this was supposed to be a part of my payment, so I'm actually passing along *my own income*!

In order to give the winners time to prepare for what will hopefully be an overnight trip, this contest will end at noon on Wednesday, July 10th. Please consider spending the night in Rappahannock, maybe in one of the nearby B&Bs there - this is a good 60+ mile drive, and you don't want to be driving home afterwards unless you exercise moderation (and who the hell wants to do that?)

Beginning today, right now, every single person who posts a new topic in our Professionals and Businesses forum will receive one entry in this contest (the winner will be drawn via our usual "raffle method") There is no cost to enter this contest!

Contest ends Wednesday, July 10th, at 12 noon. One entry per thread started, multiple threads per user permissible, and in case someone *really* wants to go, I'm going to substantially increase their odds of winning by bumping up the maximum number of entries per member to 10. If two spouses are both members, they could theoretically have up to 20 entries in this contest! If a friend owes them a favor, they could have up to 30 entries. Winner will be announced by random draw by 5 PM that same afternoon, so that adequate planning can be made for the trip. Offer subject to rules and restrictions, please read FAQ before posting.

Remember, initial postings in Professionals and Businesses must be:

1) Positive reviews only (friends and family is fine - you just have to disclose the relationship)
2) 100 words or more - tell us, in detail, what's so great about this person or business
3) Signed by your real first and last name

Remember also that this is our only fully-moderated forum, so when you click on "Add Post," it will go into my moderation queue, where I'll check to see if the minimum requirements have been met, and then update the indexes, before releasing it to the public eye.

The beauty of all this is that it's a win-win-win for everyone involved. Even if you don't win the raffle, you're still helping a professional or business you believe in (the Google search results of these threads is incredibly powerful), you're helping me develop what I hope will be an incredibly useful resource, you're supporting FoodShed magazine and local farms and farmers, and you're helping to keep this community 100% free in perpetuity (*). And nobody has to pay a penny to anyone. Good luck to the entrants!

(*) Bringing this full-circle, I met with Tommy Harrison two days ago, and we began to come up with a plan for how to keep this community going forward in case anything ever happens to me. I met Tommy *only* because of this thread in the Professionals and Businesses forum. This is awesomely recursive, self-generating, matter-creating, whatever you want to call it. I want a pizza.


Join us for a pig roast at the Copper Fox Distillery where we will be serving mouthwatering local eats and drinks paired with live music and cigars! This locavore feast will include Virginia’s award winning wines, beers from the Mid-Atlantic region, and Wasmund’s own whiskey; a whole roasted pig, lamb, and curried goat; and additional dishes from some of our favorite local restaurants. The still will be running all night, so you can see not only where the award-winning whiskey is made, but how.

Festivities will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 13, at the Copper Fox Distillery, 9 River Lane in Rappahannock, Va., 22740.

Your support will directly benefit the Sprout-up!, Kids Foodshed, and the Rappahannock County School BackPack programs.

Tickets are $85 and can be purchased by clicking the PayPal link below. We look forward to seeing you there!

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This is the first, and last, reminder that the contest ends Wednesday at noon.

Right now, we have a total of *three* entries (I haven't approved them yet, but I will).

This prize is legitimately worth $170, and remember it's *this coming weekend*, so don't enter if you can't go. You'll find out Wednesday afternoon if you win.

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Okay, may I please have a volunteer to generate the random number? I've already sent the list of numbers/names out to a third party who will remain secret until the number is generated. Just chime in here to volunteer, please, and I'll send you a message right away.

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The number is 2. I emailed Rocks the proof.

Okay! I PM'd jiveturk21 this about 25 minutes ago, and was going to have him post it, but he's not signed on now. He bears witness in absentia.


1. Biscuit Girl

2. Arlene Ivana

I'm going to have someone else generate the random number (either 1 or 2), and then if you wouldn't mind announcing the winner, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you, sir!



So Arlene, you win! I'll be writing you with details.

Everyone please keep in mind that Arlene just won $170 worth of fun, courtesy of, well, ME!, but also:

FoodShed Magazine - the only food publication I subscribe to (and I pay for my own subscription). Please click on their link for subscription information. My article about one chef's belief that we must support our farmers - through rain, or sleet, or dark of night - should be coming out in the next issue. We're also going to be running our first-ever ad for donrockwell.com in this magazine, if that says anything about how much I support their mission.

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