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Congratulations to Laura Ours and Celia Laurent-Ziebold


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Congratulations to Laura and Steve, and in Laura's own words on Facebook (picture here, if you have access):

Steve and I are finally home and pleased to introduce you to Marian Rebecca Ours! Marian is a 7-lb, 11-oz, 19 inch Cancer who enjoys long walks, shushing sounds, eating, and looking around. Welcome to the world, lil' baby!

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Laura, you have a lovely daughter, hope you are all enjoying your first time together, just think of all the memories to come...I really tried not to repeat the cliche of "they grow up too fast", but they do, so enjoy every moment....

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And as long as we're congratulating Laura and Steve, congratulations also to Celia and Eric, expecting a baby girl (either that or the poor boy inherited his father's genetic material, and it didn't show up on the sonogram) this December.

So congratulations to all four of you! No, make that all six of you! :)

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