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Chelsea Market, Retail and Restaurants on 9th-10th Avenues and W. 15th-16th Streets in Chelsea

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We ventured through the Chelsea Market on Saturday as it drizzled outside.

I bought some food writing pens at Elenise as a present for someone.  http://chelseamarket.com/elenisnewyork/  This reminds me of a place that would do well in Old Town.  Very expensive cookies, but cute and the buy a blank one with just white icing and decorate it with a pen is a pretty good idea.  I am sure they do lots of birthday parties there.

Stopped in the Bowery Kitchen Supply and picked up a few things, this was probably one of my favorites in the market.

Got some doughnuts from doughnuttery that were good and a sausage and sage roll from the Tuck Shop that was really good.  Waited too long to find a restaurant and then things got filled up when a couple of the tours ended, but I saw lots of good looking food.

This isn't necessarily a traditional market, it's more like Union Market.  Restaurants, prepared foods, some grocery, some kitchen supply, etc.  The tours running through it were especially annoying.

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