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Ann's Dari Creme, Glen Burnie

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50 years ago, little malt shops were common in suburbia. (I think can safely say this even though my parents were kids 50 years ago.) In 1951, Anne's Dari Creme opened. They've survived big changes in the Baltimore suburb of Glen Burnie, including the Marley Station mall. The shop was smack in the middle of the development plan, but they fought and won, and now it sits in a carved out corner of the parking lot.

As far as I can tell, they still have the same menu. Ignore most of it. Gray burgers, cheesesteaks made with pre-formed frozen meat, blah blah blah.

What you want is a "double dog" - two foot-long hot dogs on a sub roll, with chili, cheese, onions, and mustard. And fries - hand cut babies fried to crispy perfection and well salted. And milkshakes - perfect for washing down the 80g of cholesterol-laden saturated fat rolls you just inhaled.

The staff is great, and service is fast. They don't even write down your order, but magically it appears just as ordered every time. No real place to sit - a few worn stools to either side of the register, but few sit there, since the lines to order and claim food inhabit that space. And I'm not kidding about the lines - this place is PACKED at lunch and dinner.

Sure, the dogs aren't Sabrett's, and likely not even beef, the cheese is American slices, and the chili is probably from a can. The rolls are good, and the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. And the $8 I spent on my double-dog, fries, and milkshake lasted for two meals. I mean, I ate the whole thing for lunch, but 9 hours later, I'm still full.

And with my doctor's note, and portable defibrillator, I'm ready for another trip next week.

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This place is scary greasy- You feeled covered in grease even if you get takeout.

However, the hot dogs are deep fried a la Rutt's Ripper's in NJ. You need to try them this way at least once in your life.

It definitely adds to the flavor of the dog prepared this way. The chili looks scary but is not bad. I do like their shakes- nice and thick.

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