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"Sirens of the Lambs," by British Graffiti Artist Banksy - Roving NYC Streets Now

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Finally a rssFood post that drew me in.........

Source: Grub Street New York


The artist's whirlwind "Better Out Than In" NYC tour took on the meat industry with a "slaughterhouse delivery truck" that's been spotted puttering around Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, and "” where else? "” the meatpacking district. In Sirens of the Lambs, four puppeteers make the adorable pigs, chickens, and cows peering from the side of the truck wriggle and squirm as ear-splitting squeals emanate from within the vehicle, which is driven by an affable-looking farmer type in overalls. The whole thing, maybe, is statement about suffering: Amid the menacing banjo plucks of the accompanying audio guide, accessed ...

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For those from New York, and really any new member, it is well-established that we don't condone discussions about either politics or religion (or allow personal attacks) here.

But I truly love art, and I treasure artistic freedom of expression (And as long as I'm on the subject, may I recommend Van Gogh's "Repetition" exhibition which just opened this weekend at the Phillips Collection in Dupont Circle? (You may want to wait until after the government shutdown is over because right now it's packed, but it's a really nice exhibition, and very doable in one hour if you're pressed for time. It's running into January, so do find time to see it; just wait until NGA reopens for your own sanity.))

This whole roving display is wonderful to me.

If it wasn't for dcs posting this, I would've missed it. If it wasn't for rssFood, I might not know about Banksy. This is freedom of speech at its most poignant - it's beautiful while at the same time being ironically tragic (did you see that cute little blonde girl hopping up and down in the video just after the 0:35-second mark? I *think* she was delighted at seeing the animals, but maybe not, and even if she was, it's all the more moving).

Thank you for posting this, dcs. Thank you, Banksy, for having the courage to take a risk in the name of what you believe in (what you believe in is almost irrelevant to me).

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