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Latino Chicken Place, Pan-Latino Chicken in Loehmann's Plaza in the Former Ultimate Chicken Bistro Space

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Does anyone know if Latino Chicken Place is under the same ownership as Ultimate Chicken Bistro was?

The previous owners were the owners of Cheogajip, so my guess is "no," but I want to make sure before I close this thread instead of merely retitling it.

Can someone help a home boy out?

Sold.  Talked to the former owner last week at Cheogajip.  While business was good, it was taking him away from family (they have a one year old daughter). 

In my absence, the family did a takeout chicken from LCP last week.  There were no leftovers for me to try, so I can't give a firsthand account; however, they rated it "delicious" and comparable to other Peruvian chicken establishments in the area.

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