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Bassett's, American Country on White's Ferry and Elgin Road in Poolesville

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Bassett's sits at the corner of Fisher Ave (aka White's Ferry Road, aka Rte 107) and Elgin Rd (aka Rte 109) in the middle of the old part of Poolesville.  If you've driven through there, it is at the intersection where the old town hall building appears to sit in the road.  If you are coming from Virginia via White's Ferry, this will pretty much be the first business you'll pass on the Maryland side other than the ferry itself.

The restaurant is in a building that looks like it might have been a house at one time.  The front has a three-season porch that is inches from the road, making for some nice "watching the world go by" on a clear day.  The decor is country casual, leaning toward hunt-clubby. The clientelle are many of the local horse folks, Poolesville residents and those out on bike rides.

I've been a few times for dinner and I'd say it falls between Baugher's or Hershey's (nicer looking and better food than those) and Monocacy Crossing (not quite there).   The menu combines some country dishes like fried chicken and calves liver with more adventurous fare like kabobs and turkey burgers. 

My recent visit was for brunch and despite feeling under the weather, the trip was well worth it.  My wife got the Eggs Chesapeake ($18), made with crab cakes covering either side of an english muffin topped with poached eggs.  This was fabulous - the cakes tasted bright and seasoned but not too heavily - which sometimes happens and overpowers the eggs.  I enjoyed the Country Breakfast ($10) with the highlight being the sausage links.  I tend to like strongly seasoned sausage, especially sage.  This sausage had a really nice, mellow flavor that was well below my norm and surprisingly I loved it.  My kids each got omeletes ($9) that were good values though I prefer my eggs a little less cooked.  The iced tea was really, really fresh and the side potatoes were nice and oniony.  Adult orders come with champagne/mimosa after 10am.

Worth driving a long way to visit?  Probably not on its own merit.  But if you're taking a leisurely drive across the ferry from Virginia, or out Route 28 from Rockville, what a nice way to spend an hour or two in a town that seems much farther away than it really is. 

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