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Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY


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Is anyone able to tell me why this gin is so bad?

94 proof, perhaps, as opposed to the otherworldly, 86 proof Jensen's London Dry Gin?

These aren't "botanicals"; these are "medicinals."

I made the fatal error of opening a bottle of this tonight, giving it one more chance, thinking it might make for a good "mixing" gin.

I was wrong. It overpowers *everything* with an almost eau-de-vie like scent - I really shouldn't use the words "scent" or "aroma" when "smell" is a much more appropriate descriptor of what this nose is.

This gin is just plain gross. I hate it.

Perhaps this is a "stylistic" preference - the first time I ever had the disgusting, 94 proof Death's Door, I had the same reaction.

Some bartenders love the stuff; I can't imagine a worse clear fluid that doesn't begin with a "V".

Jensen's London Dry Gin is the greatest gin I've ever tasted - for my palate.

I'm willing to accept criticism such as "Yeah, Don, well, you just don't *like* the style of gins that smell like drain cleaner, and you're searching for a more "˜bland,' 'British' style."

Fair enough. I have about 730ml left of my bottle. Would anyone like it? Free of charge.

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Yikes! :(

FWIW, while Death's Door isn't my "go-to", a certain gin expert whose name rhymes with "Lon May-Beck" once told me he thought it was good tonic gin.

As for the Greenhook, well, I.....um...think we need to get you a new option.

Joe, any good retailer has to calibrate to a customer's palate. It takes time. :)

Obviously, I'm not an American Gin Maggot. :lol: Count me in the 80 Proof, light-botanical camp. :)

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