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Ellicott City man has eaten pizza every day for the past 25 years


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Check out this article on a guy with a very regular diet of pizza:


At first, the title makes one think that this may be an odd unhealthy diet but surprisingly someone made it work. But when you think about it, he eats a vegetarian diet (no meat) so it isn't surprising that he can maintain his health with exercise (maybe added vitamins, not mentioned in article).  What really got me though was that this guy is missing out - his diet is so boring because he lacks variety - as is shown from this quote:

"I remember about four years ago I ate a peach and it was amazing," he said. "I just never think to do things like that."

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LOL.  Peaches can do that to you.  Eat a peach one day.  See the world the next day.  What a revelation.

but pizza every day,...day after day, week after week, month after month.   I can do repetitive diets...but ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I think I'll have a peach.

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