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Looking For Yuzu


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Does anyone know where I could get a hold of fresh Yuzu fruit in the District? Actually, any recommendations for various asian groceries in the District would be useful - I live in Logan Circle and cringe at the thought of braving traffic and bridges. :unsure:



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I don't know that you will be able to find it in DC proper. My guess would be that a Whole Foods might carry it.

I have seen them at Daruma-the Japanese market in Bethesda off of Arlington Blvd. Are they in season? Daruma is worth the trip for the sake and soy sauce selection alone.

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I always get mine from Yakami Orchards via Amazon.


Unless the bastard squirrels eat them all by fall I should have some in my backyard.

Thanks. I'm a Prime member (and need a 12-step program to stop!) so I might have to order online. Is that price about right?

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