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  1. Tokyo Banana doesn't appear to be available outside Japan, but you might want to look for the original and specialty flavors when you get to Japan.
  2. RE Japan Post, it differs depending on the foreign country, "The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries/territories to take measures such as stopping acceptance of inbound postal items as well as considerable suspension and reduction of flights from/to Japan. Accordingly, our transportation performance has significantly declined. Therefore, our acceptance of international mail items, mainly for EMS and parcel-post/letter-post items by air and SAL, has been temporarily suspended from April 2." I believe DHL and Fedex are still shipping from Japan to US, with surcharge.
  3. Gary Tanigawa


    Little Tokyo - More for its history than its wagashi, I like to stop at Fugetsu-do. According to Jennifer B. Lee's book, the fortune cookie was invented by them based on senbei.
  4. Going into new building at 750 B. Glebe Rd. "Current plans are to operate both Ballston and Clarendon, although [Silver Diner founder Bob] Giaimo has acknowledged in the past that site where the Clarendon Silver Diner sits at 3200 Wilson Blvd., would likely be the subject of redevelopment at some point, putting the diner’s future there in flux."
  5. Guide to Aloha shirts from the UHM student newspaper. The story mentions two (less expensive) options to Reyn Spooner are Rix and Hilo Hattie.
  6. Bird's Nest/Calamari Pasta has uni as an ingredient @Takumi in Falls Church (photo from review in Arlington Magazine)
  7. Later in the year, expanding to Hampden, Currently in Federal Hill and Mount Vernon Marketplace. Possibly later in Fells Point, Harbor East, and Charles Village.
  8. Gallery Cafe Ballston is in the minority of Korean-owned breakfast/lunch places for not having a buffet. I've enjoyed their sandwiches and rice dishes.
  9. I'm sitting in the newly opened King St location and enjoying my dinner. I'll have to try the goat curry next time. Not sure if the above ever happened, but is anyone interested in dining here as a group?
  10. and wine. Per glass prices of most beverages about $7-15 (except for the Dassai). Sake and wine bottles uniformly priced at four times the cost of a glass. First course was a simmered dish containing ikura, uni, blue crab, and matsutake. Instead of pork tenderloin, the fried dish was oysters. The "ramen" had an oxtail broth and somen (?) noodles. Great value. I can see coming back often and rarely having the same meal. Everyone is careful to note this is not kaiseki. Dishes are combined unlike, I think, they would be in Japan. Maybe call it idiosyncratic omakase? One chef and one server. A pair of two-tops, one four-top, six counter seats, and a banquette seating six. Comparable to Makoto in square footage, but Nasime is contemporary, brighter, and more comfortable. So make a reservation or visit during a slow weekday (Tuesday or Wednesday).
  11. Consider genericeric's suggestion to return the rental at EWR (possibly renting a hotel room there) and boarding Acela or the Northeast Regional in Newark. Using public transport or uber/taxi between EWR and Newark's Penn Station might be easier than connecting JFK and NYC's Penn Station. Take AirTrain from EWR to Newark Penn Station if you're staying at the airport hotel. Or have the Hilton Newark Penn Station pick you up from EWR then walk to the train station the next morning.
  12. Sounds great, thanks manolands. Chef Masao Matsui died earlier this year. The restaurant appears to have started transitioning to the new chef Shin Kato a few months after opening. Michelin 2016 NYC awarded one star last Fall. Reviews in the New York Post and New York Times (the latter's slide show). Open only for dinner now (lunch TBA) at three set prices: $230, $180 and $140 (sample menu). Price has increased from $200 at opening.
  13. Recent review of Food Sake Tokyo. The author's website contains an update to her book. She also wrote this in Saveur. If you're interested in visiting Tsukiji's Inner Market before it moves to Toyosu, I recommend Naoto Nakamura with enthusiasm. food-sake-tokyo-updates-20160306.pdf
  14. RANT ON/ An April Fool's joke is usually not a practical joke because it does not involve something physical. I hate practical jokes, pranks, and comedians who are paid to do them. The victim can feel embarrassed, humiliated, or worse. I know the social norm is to go along with the joke, but I can not. Why is it acceptable in an office setting? In my experience, the "thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt" is crossed when the prankster derives more pleasure from his joke than the victim. /RANT OFF
  15. I haven't eaten there, but Arcadia might be worth looking at.
  16. Better signage would help. I didn't see the large sign announcing the opening after going past twice last night.
  17. I only knew him as a customer. I think he might have been the first itamae I asked for omakase. He liked to fish. I stopped going to Yamazato after he left. I was happy when I randomly saw him at Murasaki. Went there a couple times, then he left. Sometime later, grover and Escoffier mentioned him being at Tanpopo. They might be able to share more remembrances.
  18. I was wondering if Shinmoto-san had left Tanpopo because he wasn't at the sushi bar the last few times I was there. I didn't ask people in the restaurant since it was possible he had gone to another restaurant. I got curious and googled him: Mitsutoshi Shinmoto January 13, 1953 - November 2, 2015 My heartfelt condolences to the family.
  19. Of the three, Hong Kong Pearl. I haven't been to China Garden in years.
  20. Mazagan is correct. Thanks for the correction Don. My mistake would confuse everyone!
  21. Oops, lamb shoulder and fries! Even without thinking about it Don, you have the advantage of knowing when there is a mistake.
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