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  1. My recent take out experience here was poor. Got the Shanghai pork buns— there was no “juice” inside, no sauces given despite being specifically requested, and overpriced. It did not taste like it did at the beginning of the year.
  2. Can you describe the chicken with stuffed peppers dish? What are the peppers stuffed with--sounds interesting thx
  3. This restaurant is in soft-opening mode still with little web presence and a limited menu (not all the items on the printed menu are available yet)...that being said I think it is a game changer for the miserable state of dumplings in Alexandria. We went on a Sunday morning and had the following: Pork Soup Dumplings(XLB) --- I thought these were better than the XLB at all the Rockville joints. Great flavor to the soup--perfect mix of fat and meat. Thin delicate wrapper, yet sturdy enough not to tear when removing it from steamer basket. Steamed shrimp (har gow)--crisp shrimp, we
  4. Went here tonight and ordered the following: sourdough bread with : chicken liver mousse and nori butter with cane sugar—- the liver was the winner here— smooth , subtle spicing, delicious. Nori butter was fine, tasty but the cane syrup was out of place pickled enoki mushrooms from cart: pleasantly sour,tasted like they put maggi seasoning in it— enjoyed it gem lettuce salad with scallion vinaigrette: had nice crunch from sesame seeds strewn all over but scallion vinaigrette had very little acid to it and just came off as oniony and salty. We added the pickled mushrooms to t
  5. Going with a group this weekend---anyone have recommendations? A couple of the members of the group have an aversion to szechuan peppercorn so would love a few options for them as well
  6. Had a disappointing experience here on Saturday night. I agree that the quality of the fish was great, but the rice really tanked the nigiri and the rolls. We ordered a ton and with drinks came to $150/ pp( 2 drinks and bottle of sake). Drink were the highlight( service was excellent as well) Has potential but I have feeling consistency is going to be an issue with a place that large. The vibe of the place reminded me of Tao meets nobu — not my favorite. If I am going to drop bucks on sushi would prob go to ogura or omakase at Takumi.
  7. Had a great experience here last night. For apps we got the kara-age and the veggie/shrimp tempura soba. Karage was crunchy, but not overcooked served with mustard and spicy mayo on side. The soba was really good---noodles had a nice bite with buckwheat flavor coming through--small dishes of pickled cucumbers, scallion and wasabi, and seaweed/lotus root on the side. Expertly fried tempura shiso leaf, whole pepper and shrimp--not greasy at all. Nice cool mentsuyu for dipping. Excellent I had just eaten at Daikaya two weeks ago and had a great bowl of ramen there--so it was nice to c
  8. Superlative dinner here on Sunday night. Total of 5 of us--to a person, all of us felt that this was the best restaurant meal we had in the DMV in 2017. I went in expecting a decent dinner and was really happily surprised at how good a meal we had. The drinks were excellent as well, all with interesting bar pieces made the drink more enjoyable. Drinks: BRESCA FRENCH 75: honey gin- clarified citrus- bee nectar- champagne syrup: This tasted great, not too boozy with nice acidity SIRÉNE: vodka-oyster shell- dry vermouth-manzanilla-verjus- olives: While I could not detect any
  9. Thanks---based on those pics alone I am looking forward to my meal! Will give full report on vegan omakase
  10. Has anyone tried the Kobo omakase at Sushiko? I have reservations for the vegan one for my pregnant wife's birthday Thanks in advance
  11. Went here on Saturday with high hopes and left somewhat disappointed. We were 30 min early for reservation but front of house was really nice and sat us early. Our waiter could not give two shits about us. Was really abrupt, no welcoming quality. To be honest it wasn't the end of the world, and if the food was good I would not have cared much. We ordered: Roasted Sardines with Tomato foam and black garlic aioli: this was one of my favorite dishes of the evening. While the foam had no flavor the sardine was great and so was the aioli Crawfish and egg: The sauteed crawfish and p
  12. I love chinese food of all styles and Hong Kong Palace is our usual go to. There are times when I miss the neighborhood American Chinese restaurant where people actually went to eat( as opposed to being primarily take out places). This place fits the bill perfectly--really good renditions of all the chinese american classics in a nice atmosphere with friendly staff. The seafood and chicken taste like better quality products than most of the local take out places. The food reminds me of the chinese food I grew up with in the Pittsburgh area, and I have really enjoyed my meals there. This p
  13. Got take out from the branch on King street shortly after they opened. Got a bunch of dishes, but was unimpressed: Veggie and Chickenmomos--veggie were really bad, cabbage stuffed--no one in my family finished one. Chicken were slightly better but oddly spiced. The dipping sauce was inedible Chicken tikka masala--fine, but overly rich with cream to the point that it was a light pink in color and with no flavor aside from sweet Goat curry --prob the best of the bunch, but not outstanding. My MIL's version kills it malai kofta--these were prob my favorite of the bunch
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