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"Paris Tasting"


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Agree! This film could become painfully boring if it has too many product placements - loving close-ups of "certain" wine labels (note: an unnamed Napa wine/spirits company is already providing funding). Hey, maybe they're just trying to get some Sideways magic, except for California Cabs instead of California Pinots.

The Variety piece thankfully isn't as gushing or hyper-ventilated as the piece in Spurrier's magazine and it gives more "current" information about the early genesis of the film. Casting speculation regarding the male lead is way premature, but whoever it is will need to have a swollen head...

Peterson and Fowler have optioned the film rights to Taber's book, as well as the life rights of wine expert Steven Spurrier. They've secured development financing and some production coin from a Napa-based wine and spirits company that declined to be named.
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Can you just see the trailer? You know that really loud (Paramount Pictures style) trailer music with that Dan LaFontaine voice over narration: How Napa wine changed the world..."I love you, George." Gulp, glup, glup. Coming to Theaters, October 2007. :unsure:

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I mean, Huge Grant is annoying as hell without a wine obsession. At least that Miles in Sideways looked like a wine geek, you know? :unsure:
How about Russell Crowe?

There's an article in today's NYTimes about the uptick in food/wine oriented movies (with a nice background warm-up).

On Nov. 10, 20th Century Fox is scheduled to release "A Good Year," in which a London investment banker, played by Russell Crowe, inherits a vineyard in Provence.
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