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Asian Groceries in NoVa - Looking For Ya Cai and Ching Kiang

Simul Parikh

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Okay, so after work, I'm headed to an Asian Grocery in Northern Virginia.

I'm looking for:

1) ya cai (Tianjin preserved vegetable)

2) black vinegar (Ching Kiang)

Will H Mart have these items? Or Great Wall?

And then, when I'm out that way, I want something spicy and delicious for lunch - a little congested/sinusy. Was thinking Lighthouse Tofu, but I'm open to other ideas.



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Great Wall has both those things - I've bought them there in the past.  I don't think H Mart has the preserved vegetable.

Uncle Liu's Hot Pot is in the same shopping center, and, although I have never been, all of my Mandarin teachers have recommended it.

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