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"The Tongue Thing" - Warning, Do Not Read This Thread


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[back out NOW. Do NOT read this. I'm telling you this for your own good.]

I'm afraid Mr. Rocks will think this is getting Off Topic, delving into general bad manners.

It is, but let me get it back on track:

I remember exactly where I was, chatting with Member Number One in a restaurant, when all of a sudden she let out a muffled shriek.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't want to tell you."

"Tell me!"

"It will ruin your meal."

"Tell me!"

"Look at the person to your right when she takes a bite of her food."

I stole a glance over my right shoulder and saw fork being raised to lips, when, like a viper, darting directly underneath the fork, came projecting out of the mouth approximately four inches of tongue.


Unfortunately, now that you've been presented with this, you will notice that a large percentage of diners in restaurants see fit to using their tongues as an insurance policy - a barbaric catchpan - for anything that might be in danger of falling off the utensil.

Doing my part to combat global obesity by inducing mass nausea,

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It's hard not to be bemused, given the excessive cult-like following that Dom got (& still gets). I've stood there waiting for pizza with other long timers (including Jimmy Smits), chuckling about the situation. I think that even Dom gets a few laughs about the strong opinions he elicits.

Here's a little more fuel:


(there are pages of DiFara videos on youtube"¦ i like this one). And, by the way, if you're coming, let me know. Nothing like tennis and a pizza.

I'm sorry to bring this topic back up after eight years, but the reporter is guilty of "The Tongue Thing."

And so is at least 50% of the dining public.

I warned you not to read this. Now, your life has been changed, forever.

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