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Andy Myers and Jarad Slipp, Master Sommeliers

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Andy Myers of CityZen, and Jarad Slipp of RdV Vineyards, ex-of CityZen, became Master Sommeliers today. This is a remarkable achievement that both have worked for over many years, and well deserved for both. They join Kathy Morgan and Keith Goldston, both of Range, as DC's Master Sommeliers. (Fran Kysela, now a wine importer based in Winchester, is also a Master Sommelier.)

Last year, Carlton McCoy of The Little Nell in Aspen became an MS - and he had worked at CityZen, with Andy as his mentor. Eric Ziebold and the folks at CityZen should be proud to have had three Master Sommeliers emerge from the exceptional wine program at this restaurant.

Andy mentored with Kathy and Keith, and has mentored several other DC somms who are working their way through the Court of Master Sommeliers program. We have several who are Advance Sommeliers, the third of four levels, who hopefully will become Master Sommeliers before long. It's a very rigorous course of study that requires dedication, time, expense - investment in all senses of the word. That so many DC-area somms are working through this is a testament to the professionalism of DC's restaurant scene and wine service in particular.

Three cheers for Andy and Jarad!

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This reminds me of the Wizard of Oz, where the Wizard's medals and trinkets merely confirmed what had already been shown: Just as the Lion already had courage and the Tin Man already had a heart, anyone who spent time at CityZen knew that Andy already had game and Jarad already had a palate.  But there is something sweet about hometown boys getting the official recognition they have earned.

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A Master Sommelier who is also a huge fan of Heavy Metal? I have GOT to meet this guy...

"Full Bodied, With Unexpected Hints Of Metal" by Cristina Ianzito on washingtonpost.com (make sure to watch the video)

The video isn't working on my laptop (MacBook Pro OS/X 10.9.3 / Safari 7.0.3).

Back before he was famous, he used to play in subways, sometimes even accepting alternate forms of currency. They wrote a song about him at one point - I can't remember all the lyrics, but part of it goes like this:

The Little Bummer Goy

"I played my best for rim,

pa rum pa pum pum(p).

Me admire rum(p)."

That was Jarad, by the way; the one about Andy I can't even repeat here.

I have a problem and I need to get it fixed.

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