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Korean Red Ginseng


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The Korean Ginseng Corporation, established in 1899 and split off from the South Korean government a few years ago, has opened a Korean Red Ginseng store just inside the beltway off Little River Turnpike. It's safe to say that if you're looking to purchase Ginseng as a present, in any possible form, and price is no object, then this surprising little boutique is probably the only place you'll ever need to know about.

Your landmark to Korean Red Ginseng will be the Le Matin de Paris French-style Korean bakery, which will be on your left as you head down Little River Turnpike (look for the Eiffel Tower on the sign - you can't miss it). This large operation is well worth a stop to peruse and sample some interesting Korean breads, pastries and to wash it all back with a capuccino. Western-friendly, but very Korean at the core.

Taken as a one-two punch, these two interesting storefronts are worth a side trip to Annandale.

A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out,


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If you get sweat easily or love cold weather, I wouldn't recommend ginseng at all.

Ginseng is known for stamina booster but raises body temperature.

She knows of what she speaks...she makes a soup with cornish game hen, rice and ginseng...tastes great, makes you sweat like a madman... :lol:

(but she tells me it's good for me)

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