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  1. The new Bon Chon in Annandale opened last Wednesday. Escoffier and I ordered a large size strips (20 pcs - $21.95) with half soy garlic and half hot sauce. It took around 30 minutes and I am not sure if the quality is same because we didn't eat drumsticks or wings. I wish the texture was crispier but the flavor is good. The place is spacious and clean. The service is very attentive. One thing, there is only one complimentary dish - pickled radish. Something slowly comes to my mind... maybe $20 Tuesday here?
  2. Thank you everyone for being on time!!! I am so glad you have enjoyed the food. You should thank to Escoffier. He is the one who had the idea doing this. I was very nervous if we all couldn't have seated but luckily not crowded as I expected. Thistle, the green stem is bokchoy cooked in Korean miso sauce. They blanched the green and marinated it with miso and sesame oil. Kibbee Nayee, I will write Korean food 101 (not too soon I am being chased by deadline now). One thing I can say is that the quality of the seafood pancake is going down. The texture is still good but the ingredients are n
  3. In 55 and 56, you see "jorim", it means cook meat or fish in soy sauce reduction (soy sauce + sugar + sake+ ginger + scallion + sesame oil + red pepper flake, etc) 51-54, you see "gooee" usually it means grilled but means deep fried here. 59, "Jjim" it usually means a steamed or braised dish. I would say it would be a spicy marinated braised skate. 58, I have to see this one. I know some people add saury to Kimchi stew but have no idea if this is what To Sok Jib is talking about. You are right. They didn't list Bossam in the online menu. I was a bit disappointed at the seafood pancake.
  4. Gary - I saw Sushi/Sashimi moriawase from their menu as I did from Yamazato's menu, so possibly he is the same chef. I read the reviews from Yelp a minute ago. I think the food quality might have been improved. The toppings were fresh, the pork slice was thin and the egg was perfectly soft-boiled.
  5. We ordered Hokkaido miso ramen and spicy ramen. According to the descriptions in the menu, Hokkaido miso ramen is composed of ramen noodles in a pork, bone and miso based soup, some pork pieces, a half of a soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, seaweed, corns, a slice of fish cake and chopped green onion; Spicy ramen is with noodles in a pork and bone based soup, bamboo shoots, some pork pieces, bean sprouts, a slice of fish cake and a bit of chili oil. Kyoto tonkotsu ramen and Tokyo shoyu ramen are listed as well. All of ramens are priced around $9.00. Spicy ramen doesn't have that
  6. Juk Story has gone and is now Sakura Express (shabu shabu place). Sad thing is that some good place doesn't stay long enough. By the way, Jamie, Cafe Breeze is really worth to try.. they have red bean, fruit, gelato and yogurt bingsoo. Of course you can pay extra red bean for fruit, gelato or yogurt bingsoo.
  7. According to facebook's Kimchi Chronicles page, it will be aired tomorrow 4 PM on PBS channel 13 in NY area.
  8. Monavano, Where did you get CJ mini wontons?
  9. Wow, this is great! Thank you very much!
  10. The same thing is happening at Annandale H mart. Too bad. So far, Super H is doing quite all right, though.
  11. I asked them but both B&N and Borders have only a wrapped copy. No display copy.
  12. I think that the LG is the best culinary encyclopedia and I am so sad that Korean cuisine is not listed in the 2001 version. The First Lady of South Korea is leading "Korean Cuisine to the World" forum. If the 2009 LG still doesn't have information about Korean cuisine then I would like to let the forum know so they can do something about it.
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