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Midtown Kabob - Pakistani Kabobs and Karahi in Reston Town Center

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Midtown Kabob is located in the Reston Town Center near Crunch Gym.  I have been meaning to try it just as a comparison to Reston Kabob, which is kind of my standard by which all others are judged.  Last night after gym classes I was feeling the need for red meat.  I kind of wanted a normal steak sandwich, but Morton's only has a steak sandwich at lunch and I wasn't really feeling their bar vibe in my work out gear.  I headed to Midtown Kabob and ordered the steak kabobs with mixed veggies.  $14 got me a generous serving of steak with grilled pepper, onion, and tomato, salad, rice, bread and a small cup of peas and potatoes in a yellow sauce.  I have never had beef at Reston Kabob, so I can't compare that.  The bread is different, but I still thought it was good, but not as good as Reston Kabob.  It seems to be whole wheat.  I liked that not only did it have salad but the grilled veggies too, about half a fair sizd green pepper, 1/4 onion and 1/4 tomato.  Reston Kabob doesn't have that.  I thought their steak was nicely flavored.  It was fairly tender for the cut of meat and had a nice seasoning.  The mixed veggies were forgettable.  They just didn't have a lot of seasoning.  Next time I will try another side, maybe the spinach.

White and Green sauces are in the fridge for eat in.  All in all I thought it was pretty good, I had enough for leftovers for today.

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