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Noodles Corner (小菜王), Dobbin Rd in Village of Long Reach, Columbia

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Noodles Corner is a small restaurant in a strip mall in Columbia, wedged between Mango Grove and Pub Dog. If you are up in this area and looking for decent Chinese, give it a try, because they have a second Taiwanese-based authentic menu in addition to the regular Americanized stuff. You may need to ask for the "other" menu, which is written in English IIRC.

I've only eaten there once, and it was a few months ago so I don't remember in detail what we ordered - I think it included the three cup chicken and possibly the bamboo with shredded pork, plus two other dishes that I don't recall.

Despite the name, Noodles Corner does not seem to specialize in noodles at all. If you just walked in off the street, you would probably assume that it was just another Americanized Chinese place. I think they may also deliver.

We only ordered from the "authentic" menu, so I can't speak to the "regular" Americanized menu. The ~four dishes that we ordered were all good, but I'm not familiar enough with Taiwanese to judge authenticity. Not on the level of, say, Grace Garden, but I'd certainly eat here again the next time I'm in the area.  There are many intriguing items on the menu, including offal/blood/pigs feet/etc.

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