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Best of Baltimore


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This week's Baltimore CityPaper is it's annual Best of Baltimore issue. I didn't see any obvious "you must be joking" places on the list, so maybe it will help as a rough guide if you're coming from out of town and are looking for something specific.

Too many to list here, but some of the highlights are:

Best New Restaurant/Best New Appetizer - Upscale: Salt / foie gras and sirloin slider burger

Best Fancy Restaurant: Charleston

Best Restaurant Service: The Prime Rib

Best Cheap Restaurant: Port Truck Stop

Best Restaurant for Vegetarians: The Yabba Pot

Best Restaurant for Vegetarians and Meat Eaters: Zodiac

Best Place to Eat in the Inner Harbor: M&S Grill

Best Place to Eat Alone: Sofi's Crêpes

Best Courtyard Dining: Arcos

Best Deck Dining: Vin

Best Breakfast: Suburban House

Best Brunch: Red Star

Best Cup of Coffee: Zeke's Coffee at the Downtown Baltimore Farmers' Market

Best Tea House: Teavolve

Best Bakery: New System Bakery

Best Dessert: Original Colosseo at Vaccaro's

Best Reason for Tastebuds: Kirchmayr Chocolatier

Best Place to Get Ice Cream: Sylvan Beach Café

Best Cracklike Dairy Product: Chocolate Milk from Trickling Springs Creamery

Best Fresh Yogurt: Carma's Café

Best Smoothie: Liquid Earth's Hippy Lippy

Best Sno-Ball Stand: Walther Gardens

Best Deli: Attman's Authentic New York Delicatessen

Best Place to Get a Sandwich: Café Mocha

Best Two-Handed Vegetarian Sandwich: Falafel sandwich at Parsa Kabob

Best Shrimp Salad: Kibby's Restaurant and Lounge

Best Cheese Steak: MaGerk's Pub and Grill

Best Hamburger: Swallow at the Hollow

Best Hot Dog: Pulaski Liquor Emporium and Dog House Tavern

Best Pit Beef: Jerry D's Seafood

Best Barbecue: Andy Nelson's Barbecue

Best Fried Chicken: Kimmy's Restaurant and Carryout

Best Fries: The Brewer's Art Rosemary Garlic Fries

Best Pizza Fries: Matthew's Pizza

Best Pizza: Iggies

Best Soup: Soup's On at Rose's Cookies

Best Crab Cake: Buddy's Elliott Street Bar and Grille

Best Crab House: Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn

Best Raw Bar: Nick's Inner Harbor Seafood

Best Tapas/Small Plates: Pazo

Best Late-Night Dining: Kali's Mezze

Best Really Late-Night Dining: Nam Kang

Best Diner: Happy Day Diner

Best Soul Food: Symone's Soul Café

Best Chinese: Café Zen

Best Ethiopian Restaurant: Dukem

Best Greek: Samos

Best Indian: India Rasoi

Best Italian: Café Amore [Glen Burnie]

Best Jamaican: Ras Doobie de Chef at Carolyn's Café

Best Japanese/Best Sushi: Matsuri

Best Pho: Miss Pho

Best Latino Restaurant: Dominicano Internacional

Best Mexican Restaurant: Arcos

Best Middle Eastern: The Helmand

Best Gyro: Never on Sunday

Best Thai: Thai Restaurant

Best Trinidad and Tobagoan: Caribbean Food Store

Best Bar Food: One-Eyed Mike's

Best Happy Hour: Dizzy Issie's

Best Selection of Beers on Tap: Max's Taphouse

Best Neighborhood Bar: O'Hara's Irish Pub

Best Dive Bar: Leadbetters Tavern

Best Wine Bar: Grand Cru

Best Pregame Bar: Pickles Pub

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Best Breakfast: Suburban House

Best Brunch: Red Star

Best Cup of Coffee: Zeke's Coffee at the Downtown Baltimore Farmers' Market

I have to say one of the things I miss most about my girlfriend living up there is Saturday and Sunday mornings at Spoons. Fantastic place. Good pancakes and omelettes, GREAT coffee and great sunday morning vibe. You can plop down on a couch and get your breakfast while you play battleship. And they have free internet also. Plus it has a real neighborhood vibe. I think most of the people who work there live within a block away and all the staff from the other F.Hill restaurants seem to stop in get coffee and chat.

Definitely agree with Salt (Best Fries maybe??). Cool menu and pretty good drinks when I went in. You have to give some marks for service also as one of the servers had broken something in her leg a few days before we were there and was in there with a thigh high walking cast waiting tables. Gotta say I would have called in.... She said she had a house full of kids at home though and she just wanted out for a bit. But still service staff gets a purple heart if nothing else.

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Best Hamburger: Swallow at the Hollow

The Swallow! Oh, the drunken, underaged memories. Following the death of Alonzo's this place is a worthy choice.

I'm surprised Petit Louis didn't sneak in there somewhere for some reason or another; they seemed to have "invented" some categories to get other places in.

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