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88 China, Szechuan at 13635 Lee-Jackson Memorial Highway (Route 50) in Chantilly

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Overall, while we enjoyed the meal, it wasn't nearly as good as either Panda Gourmet or Hong Kong Palace, which both have the added benefit of being closer to where we live in DC.  (Sichuan Jin River has gone down hill in post-name change visits, in my opinion.)  


Tried 88 China on Saturday and was disappointed. Spicy capsicum chicken was certainly hot enough, but was more heat than flavor. Shredded chicken with leek was terrible. Crabmeat and asparagus chowder was tasteless.

Every time we get one of these "Authentic" places out here in Western Fairfax, I get my hopes up and they are always dashed. Happened with Sichuan Village. Happened with 100 Degree Chinese Cuisine. Happened with Taste @ Hong Kong. All these places have some good dishes, but none comes close to a stellar eatery like HKP. Cheng's Asian Cuisine has some potential.

And we haven't had even a decent dim sum spot out here since Fortune Reston closed.

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