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Four-Year-Old Reviews The French Laundry


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If I had seen this as a standalone topic rather than clicking right into the middle of it, I probably would have rolled my eyes. I read the whole thing and was fascinated by what she liked and didn't.

After the gnocchi was served, a humidor of black truffles came out to be freshly shaved on top. Lyla called them "black diamonds." This ended up being one of her favorites.


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Did the restaurant okay the pictures being taken?

The author doesn't indicate whether they did or not, but given that this is part of a series and that she's the youngest person to eat the full tasting menu there, there's no way the restaurant staff was not aware of it.  It seems hard to believe they would not have told the restaurant in advance what they were planning to do.  The article even ends with a solicitation for other restaurants to participate in the series, which goes back to April of last year.

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