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Labor Day Weekend in NYC, With Post-US Open Dinner in Flushing


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Headed to NY for the weekend. I used to be on top of the ny scene, but it has been a while. My go to used to be Le Tableau in the east village, but it has closed. I love Balthazar, even though it's a factory, and generally like places that are not too fancy and that are fun, with good food. Type of food is less important as I'm willing to do almost any style. I need a place for three people on Saturday. Suggestions on places?

Also, I'd love some suggestions for places near Flushing Meadows for dinner post-US open on Monday!

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Allow me to humbly suggest NYDiningGuide for places in the city. The guide will soon feature Brooklyn and Queens restaurants, but that part is not quite ready. However, the places nearest the Tennis Center would be in Flushing or maybe Elmhurst. My list currently includes:
Hunan House
Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan
Lake Pavilion
Lu Xiang Yuan
Mamak House

Uncle Zhou
Zabb Elee

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We'll be at the Open on Monday as well &, if you're interested, drop me a pm beforehand and we'll talk at the Tennis Center.  The Flushing places listed above are fine but there are some other interesting choices just as available on the same streets (Fu Run, Spicy & Tasty, the Golden Mall's stalls"¦).  In the other direction along Roosevelt Ave are tons of Mexican, Central and South American places, one of the best Thai places (Sripraphai) and several Indian (well, Pakistanian/Bengladeshian) places.  There's also another exit out of the Flushing Meadows Park that leads to 111th St, only blocks from some old line Italian American places like Park Side (& the Lemon Ice King of Corona).  As I said, drop me a pm if interested.

In Manhattan, Louro is a good choice"¦ the chef/co-owner (David Santos) is a friend to many of us on several food boards and he's putting out some excellent stuff in a nice, informal W.Village location.

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Thanks for this!  Excellent info.  We might try to stop by one of the Thai or S. American places you mention.  Also thanks for the recommendation on Louro.  Looks interesting, and exactly like the kind of place I like.  It reminds me a little of the late, great, Falai.

The menu seems a bit small, though, and I am worried it may not appeal to both my guests.  Does anyone know of a great portuguese restaurant in NYC?

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Headed to the Little Owl tonight. I'll report back.


LIttle Owl was excellent.  Small place in the building that was used as the exterior shot for the TV show Friends, quiet atmospheric street, AMAZING service from the hostess to the waitress.  When we arrived early the hostess gave us snacks from the kitchen, and offered cocktails and wine (which were served in coffee mugs to allow us to drink them outside).  The meals were all spectacular:  their famous pork chop is rightly so, with fennel, broad beans, and parmasean; the special of black bass was delectable, the apps of salad and corn chowder were similarly excellent.

One of the nicest things about the restaurant was that a friend and I were torn on the pork chop and the bass, and the waitress heard us say we would share, so she arranged for us to have half portions of each presented on one plate for each of us.  She did the same for the apps.  My sister-in-law, who is a vegetarian wanted a dinner-portion of the gnocci that was a side for one of the plates, and they prepared that for her without a problem.  Real class-act restaurant.  I will return and have found a new favorite.

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