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Chef Huang's, Long Huynh's Americanized Chinese at Engleside Plaza on Richmond Highway in South Alexandria

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My prepare-for-snow-forget-the-grocery-store method is to get advance takeout or delivery from Thai Nakorn (I know when the snow is coming so I prepare in advance).  Two entrees and an appetizer just for me equals 4-5 meals.  It's reliable.  The non-spicy entrees are going to be just that, and if you really want spice you'll need to emphasize your request.  But I'm glad to support a local

I wanted to go to Thai Nakorn today, but I was overruled by my daughter, so we got takeout from Chef Huang's. I have lots of leftover Hunan shrimp to make into soup tomorrow (there's always a plethora of broccoli).

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