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Matchbox Food Group, LLC (MBFG) - Owners of Matchbox, Ted's Bulletin, and DC-3

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Remember little Matchbox near Verizon Center?

They no longer have the website matchboxdc.com.

Now, they have matchboxrestaurants.com

But that wasn't big enough for them, so they also have matchboxfoodgroup.com with their very own abbrievation: MBFG

This is a great American success story, right?


So why has the food never been as good as it was when they only had that one, tiny little Matchbox near Verizon Center? Where's the success in this success story?


Oh, I see. In the shareholder's bank accounts. So we're defining "success" as a few people getting wealthy while masses of people have lives that take a turn for the worse?

Yeah, it's a great American success story, almost by definition; unfortunately, it looks like Mariella Burani Fashion Group is some sort of reverse glass ceiling to them.

"Matchbox Food Group Adds Key Investors, Advisors" by Bob Niedt on bizjournals.com

"DC Restaurant Chain Matchbox Seeks $11 Million To Go National" by Thomas Heath on washingtonpost.com

"Could Matchbox Become The Next Cheesecake Factory" by Nevin Martell on washingtonpost.com (Has it not already?)

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