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Trummer's Coffee & Wine Bar, Owned by Trummer's on Main - at 14103 Promenade Commons in Gainesville

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Has anyone been to the new Trummer's Coffee and Wine Bar yet? It's a spin-off of Trummers on Main in Clifton located in Gainesville, VA. Apparently it opened late last week, but so far I can't find a menu.

Anybody been there yet?


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06/04/14 - "Trummer's Team Plans Cafe in Gainseville" by Missy Frederick on dc.eater.com

10/21/14 - "Uncle Julio's Rio Grande, Trummer's Coffee & Wine Bar Coming to Promenade at VA Gateway" by Jason Shaw on bristowbeat.com

10/23/14 - "New Restaurants Opening in Virginia's Gateway" on insidenova.com

10/28/14 - "Trummer's Coffee & Wine Bar To Open in Gainseville's Virginia Gateway" by Stephanie Gans on northernvirginiamag.com

11/16/14 - "Trummer's and Uncle Julio's To Open at Promenade" on potomaclocal.com


cf: Trummer's on Main

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