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I Want a Kick Ass Cheese Shop in Maryland

Pool Boy

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Sure, there is Whole Foods, even Wegmans. And there is Balducci's. But these are not cheese shops. The kind of cheese shop I crave is one like Cheesetique.

I don't think they exist in suburban Maryland (talking Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and even parts of Howard and Anne Arundel counties mainly). 

If I am wrong, tell me where I can find one!

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Tasting Market in Annapolis is what you are looking for.  And next to it is Wine Cellars of Annapolis, a great wine store.  In fact I recently was able to purchase my favorite Champagne Billecart Salmon Rose for less then I have ever seen it, $70.  And Grapes is next door as well, an excellent wine bistro.


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