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The 2015 MLB All-Star Game, Jul 14, 2015 at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati - AL 6 NL 3 - Mike Trout Voted MVP


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Check my twitter feed (@Doctor_Glasses) for a recounting of our ridiculous All Star weekend trip courtesy of esurance.  (My wife won the sweepstakes by voting in the All Star balloting.)  Crazy, crazy, crazy weekend.  Highlight: breakfast, pictures, and a signed ball with Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan.  

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I enjoyed watching this game, and the continuing coronation of Mike Trout as baseball's next Mickey Mantle....

I was surprised that Cincinnati's "living four" included Barry Larkin. C'mon, that's the best they could do? Where's Tony Perez, for goodness sake? Or Frank Robinson?

And I understand that Yogi Berra is very elderly and not doing well physically, but he's not only an icon of the the game, he's an American icon. They couldn't find a way to get him on the field?

It was sort of interesting to see the Yankees' top four compared to, say, the Rays or the Angels or the Astros....Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle! Hell, the Yankees' NEXT four are better than most of the other teams' top four.

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