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Closed "For Renovation" - Why Does This Nearly Always Happen?


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Not closed permanently...or so the owner says.

"Bethesda Barbecue Company Closed for 'Repairs / Renovations'" by Steve Hull on bethesdamagazine.com

I went to summer camp with Chef Dennis and this therefore makes me sad, but looks like they are permanently close. Dennis--good luck on your next venture.

"Bethesda Barbecue Company Confirmed as Being Restaurant Being Liquidated / Closed at Auction" by Robert Dyer on robertdyer.blogspot.com

Could someone in the business please explain for us why, if it's absolutely clear that a restaurant isn't going to reopen, they say "Closed for renovations?" Is it to stave off creditors? Are there some other reasons?

I can see an owner wanting to hang on until all possible avenues have been explored, but this happens nearly *every time* a restaurant closes.

So what are the possible reasons a restaurant would do this?

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